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From within Europe to the UK

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From 4 countries we offer a base to provide a clinic for:

  • What will be your new tax position
  • What you can do to assist with tax and investments already held.

We provide a seamless service that provides for a fully regulated financial adviser in the UK, which means you do not have to keep swapping and changing companies. (Some offshore companies say they provide this only to find they have an "agreement" with an associate that they have never met, little or no real joined up advice, and almost certainly no knowledge of each other’s markets.)


We also provide:

  • A  full pensions advice service, and a
  • Distressed QROP clients service with HMRC reviews; an holistic service for distressed clients, who have been caught up with bad advice or moved to countries like Singapore that have subsequently been shut down.

We see this as a crucial offering for QROPS.

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UK Pensions for Expats

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UK Pensions for Expats

UK Pensions for Expats

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