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Over 25+ awards and counting – a quick example

Our peers have consistently rated us as one of the best companies, with some awards specific to individuals as well.

Who We Are – Pension Advisors for Overseas Residents | Expat Financial Advice

Challenging the Status Quo

Over the last 20 years we have wanted to challenge the status quo by providing the highest quality expat financial advice and focusing on making life better for consumers. Ferocious independence, due diligence and robust research, in addition to procedures aligned with transparency on fees and charges, have helped establish us as the “go-to” award-winning financial advisers and pension advisors.

Tailor-made for You

Our research and persistence in pushing providers to deliver what is good for you, the consumer, means we can provide tailor-made intelligent solutions putting you first. So if you are an overseas resident with a British pension, we, as UK-qualified pension advisors, can help you.

Our Ethics

Our expert knowledge is provided by the “Aisa Group”. Internationally we have several firms in different countries both within Europe (including the UK) and outside of Europe.

Aisa have been acclaimed in the UK for pensions, investment and tax advice (for example, winning 6 awards between 2009-2013).

The offshore pension planning service we operate is managed by advisers who have the advanced UK G60 pensions qualification, in addition to the highest UK investment qualifications, including Economics degrees.

Customer Charter

We provide a customer charter to our clients, and most importantly we offer the most competitive terms for our expat financial advice, therefore bettering any legitimate deal that can be evidenced.

Main benefit – The “Aisa Group” deal exclusively with pension providers that comply with both the spirit and the letter of the UK QROPS regulations, which we believe to be in the best interests of our clients and in our own professional best interests. Uniquely, we offer the best award-winning UK IFA spectrum, combined with international experience and knowledge to provide expertise on British pensions for overseas residents.

Due Diligence

“You know you will be dealing with the real thing!”

We are able to offer full Due Diligence on ourselves, as well as our customer charter, which is provided at the stage where you, the “client”, have decided to engage our services with agreement to obtain a project report. We will also provide due diligence information for money laundering procedures.

Our existing clients see this as a massive benefit in comparison with other websites who make claims that cannot be justified, not to mention refusing to even admit who they are, or who is giving the advice.


British Pensions for Overseas Residents

UK onshore and overseas pension transfer regulations provide the opportunity to:

  • Legitimately avoid in many cases:
    • UK Income Tax on the pension fund
    • UK Inheritance Tax on the pension fund
  • Take more than 25% tax free lump sum legitimately, and from 2015 the government has announced full access to almost the whole fund depending on your circumstances
  • Have an increased level of income if you have a shortened life expectancy or poor medical history
  • Retain your pension fund even after death, therefore avoiding any tax penalties.

In order to fully enjoy these benefits, in the UK you can do this from March 2015, whilst it is possible to do it immediately if you live overseas; however, the only condition is that you must have been absent from the UK for 5 complete tax years, or have intention of so doing.

Our main concern, above all – there are many people who have taken advice from the “largest international IFAs in the world” that now have serious issues including penalties on “bonds” held within their pensions, or reducing income at the 3 year assessment. In conclusion – do not be fooled into thinking “big” or “large” means quality, or protection from bad advice.

For the best expat financial advice, choose the right pension advisors for you!



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